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Our Nordic Life Science Stars 2022!

These five Nordic life science companies are at different stages of development, with different focus areas, from different Nordic countries, and they represent the different strongholds that the region possesses.



Sweden – Abera Bioscience

Abera Bioscience has found the right recipe for giving its versatile vaccine platform the best possible conditions to succeed.

“Our strategy is to develop vaccine candidates to late pre-clinical or early clinical stage for out-licensing for further clinical testing by larger corporations. We now aim to bring the pneumococcus vaccine through the early clinical stages to get a clinical proof of concept for both the candidate and the platform,” says Maria Alriksson, CEO, Abera Bioscience.




Iceland – Controlant

Controlant’s real-time supply chain monitoring and visibility technologies are specifically geared to the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors and emerged as a key cold chain solution for the COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic.

“The markers of our success as a scale-up are clear. We’ve achieved global reach in a growing market, we’ve scaled up both vertically and horizontally, and we operate while protecting the environment and supporting global sustainability efforts,” says Gisli Herjolfsson, CEO, Controlant.



Denmark – Muna Therapeutics

This up-and-coming star on the global biotech scene aims to crack the hard code of finding better treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.

“We are growing Muna to be an end-to-end neurocentric life sciences company, “Which means that we are able to discover new drugs, test them in patients in clinical trials, and commercialize them so that patients and physicians have our medicines as impactful treatment options,” says Rita Balice-Gordon, CEO, Muna Therapeutics.

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Finland – Valo Therapeutics

Immunotherapy company Valo Therapeutics could play an important part in modern cancer care, using a highly adaptable platform effective for a wide range of cancers.

“The founders wanted to provide a treatment that could conquer cancer and part of the ‘Eureka’ moment was finding a novel way to coat viruses with cancer-specific peptides, without using chemicals,” says Paul Higham, CEO, Valo Therapeutics.

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Torbjørn Furuseth DoMOre Diagnostics

Norway – DoMore Diagnostics

DoMore Diagnostics aims to change the one-size-fits-all approach in cancer therapy.

“Deep-learning image analysis has the potential to decode the complexity in the tumors and personalize medicine,” says Torbjørn Furuseth, CEO and co-founder, DoMore Diagnostics.

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